What we do

Painting and Finishing

We use only the best products, and we offer a wide range of colors and finishes, in this way we can make possibile a 360 degree customization. From classic pastel colors to metallics, from pearly to glitter with glossy or opaque finishes. We also create special effects like satin finishing and chromelized colors.


Do you have a vintage bike that you want to restore? We can offer a partial restoration service, where it is possible, or a total restoration. We’ll restore the shell as equal to the original as possible. Send us some photos of your frame t info@free-color.it to know the feasibility of processing.

Carbon Repair

We perform structural repairs on bike frames and more. Also, where it is possible, we preserve or rebuild damaged graphics. Send us the photos of the damage to info@free-color.it to know the feasibility of the repair.

Personalized Stickers

Do you want to customize your bike with the logo of your cycling team or with your signature? We design and manufacture custom monochrome vinyl stickers. If you already have the graphics, send them in .pdf .eps .crd o .ai to grafica@free-color.it.